domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011


Hey people! my friends and I had an AMAZING week in Valencia! I don´t know if you heared about the festivity of FALLAS, but I will definitely talk to you about them soon, and show you some pictures too ;)

A few years ago, when I was student, ERASMUS student in England (the time of my life!) a very special person showed me the lovely music of a half swedish-half argentinian songwriter called José Gonzalez, and I instantly felt caught by his simple and beautiful lyrics. First heared "Hand in your heart", which is by the way a sad song, but then I discovered I heared this guy somewhere else before. I am sure many of you saw on TV a spot by Sony, the advertisement of the BRAVIA tvs, where thousand of colorful rubber balls jumped down the streets of San Francisco. "Heartbeats" is the name of the song originally written by "The Knife", and definitely one of my favourites of all times.
Well, this week we discovered another cover version of that song by a great english singer, the blond cutie Ellie Goulding. I cannot really decide which version I like the most, but who cares? It´s still a beautiful song.

One night to be confused
One night to speed up truth
We had a promise paid
Four hands and then away

Both under influence
We had a divine sense
To know what to say
Mind is a razor blade

To call for hands of above
to lean on
Wouldn't be good enough
for me, no

One night of magic rush
The start a simple touch
One night to push and scream
And then relief

Ten days of perfect tunes
The colors red and blue
We had a promise made
We were in love

To call for hands of above
to lean on
Wouldn't be good enough
for me, no

To call for hands of above
to lean on
Wouldn't be good enough

And you, you knew the hand of the devil
And you, kept us awake with wolves teeth
Sharing different heartbeats
In one night

To call for hands of above
to lean on
Wouldn't be good enough
for me, no

To call for hands of above
to lean on
Wouldn't be good enough

if you like the Sony advertisement, I recommend you to see the making of, just by clicking here.

And this is the live cover version by Ellie Goulding for the BBC Radio 1:

sábado, 12 de marzo de 2011

Rainy saturday

Hey there!
It´s saturday and I´m staying in cleaning and sorting my room. Next week I´ll be hosting two good friends of mine, who come from abroad to pay me a visit. Sadly, the weather right now doesn´t seem to be very springy, but at least the rain forces me to stay in and do what I have to do: cleaning "this mess", also known as "my bedroom".
Hoodie, jeans, tea in one hand, cloth in the other.
Oh wait, I´m gonna take a break and walk around the house, picking up what Chloe (my cat) has stolen... little papers, necklaces, yarns...

jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

Lego broochs

Hello folks!

I´ve been quite busy these days, preparing orders and learning deutsch... and playing with Lego, of course. Here I post some pics of the last broochs I made. And with one of them you are gonna have to use your imagination since it´s just an abstract form, but I find it cool and original ;)
The others: robot, car... and a kind of weird airplane.

Hope you like them! Feel free to write me of you have any question ;)

sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

Comer con los ojos

Hello friends!
Today I wanna talk to you about a blog I just found and... I´m LOVING it.
What happens when two french friends with a lot of talent with illustrations and ceramics get together?


I have to say that I would buy every single piece they publish in their blog!
Wouldn´t you eat them all? ;)

Hola amigos!
Hoy quiero presentarles un blog que encontré... y me encanta!
¿Qué pasa cuando dos amigas francesas con mucho talento para la ilustración y la cerámica se unen?


Tengo que decir que compraría cada una de las bonitas cosas que publican en su blog!
¿no están para comérselos? ;)

miércoles, 2 de marzo de 2011

Geeky project!

I am already back home in Spain, and oh Lord, how hard is to say "bye" to everyone in Germany (did I already tell you how much I love that place?). Actually, my passport expires next week and this was my last runaway in a while, I guess. I try and post some pics of my trip soon.

Before starting my holidays I had in mind a little project which is somehow connected with one of my last posts, the one of Muji+Lego. Basically because my next broochs are totally made of Lego pieces... YES! here are some prototypes, and I hope to have the definitive ones soon!
Here´s a teaser! I wait for your suggestions!

Ya estoy de vuelta en España, y Dios! que difícil es decir adiós a todos en Alemania. De hecho, mi pasaporte vence la semana que viene, asi que esta fue mi última escapada en un buen rato, supongo. Intentaré subir algunas fotos pronto.
Antes de irme de vacaciones empecé a trabajar en un nuevo proyecto que de alguna manera está conectado con uno de mis posts anteriores, en el que hablo de Muji+Lego. Basicamente porque mis próximos broches estan totalmente hechos con piezas de Lego.. SI! hice a los prototipos, y espero tener pronto los definitivos que saldrán a la venta!
Aqui posteo un avance! espero sus sugerencias!