miércoles, 25 de mayo de 2011

Summer Closet

After some weeks of rain, clouds, sun, storm, cold, wind (crazy weather!) seems like the spanish summer is back. Today we have 31ºC and the sun is shinning without a single cloud in sight. Amazing, isn´t it?
And yes, I was surprised by this weather so I had to take an emergency look inside the boxes where I store all my summery clothes. Have to admit that I´m quite a trousers kind of person in winter, but when the warmth is here... I´m just the opposite: in my closet I only hang light, colorful dresses (some of them second hand), thin cardigans and pashminas.
But if there´s something that I hate... is changing my closet! So far I´ve been out, or busy, or had lots of homework to do. Seems like next weekend I won´t have any excuse.

Did you sort your closet already?
Wish me luck! :)

Después de varias semanas de lluvia, nubes, sol, tormenta, frío, viento (tiempo loco, vamos) parece que el verano español está de vuelta. Hoy tenemos 31ºC y el sol está brillando sin ninguna nube a la vista. Increible, no?
Y si, este tiempo me sorprendió, así que tuve que urgentemente echar un vistazo dentro de las cajas donde almaceno toda la ropa de verano. Tengo que admitir que soy una persona "de pantalones" en invierno, pero cuando viene el buen tiempo... soy justo lo contrario: en mi armario sólo cuelgan vestidos ligeros y coloridos (algunos de ellos de segunda mano), cardigans finitos y pashminas.
Pero si hay algo que no soporto... el cambio de armario!! hasta ahora estuve fuera, u ocupada, o tuve que hacer toneladas de tarea. Parece que el fin de semana que viene no tendré ninguna excusa.

¿Ya ordenaron el armario?
Deseenme suerte!

domingo, 8 de mayo de 2011

Palm Trees

Hey there!
As summer is aproaching I prepared something cool to celebrate the sunny and warm days are here again. Every winter seems to be endless to me, I know I´m not the only one, right? :)
So, after browsing through the box where I keep all the precious Lego pieces I made this pair of Lego summery earrings, which consist in a palm tree leave, a blue flower, and a green or orange circle.
You know as with all the rest of the handmade items I post in my blog, you can buy them if you like. Write me if you have any question, and remember this is a limited edition and only a few pairs are available! ;)

Thanks for visiting Mikachu Fields Forever!

Hola a todos!
Como el verano se acerca he preparado algo guay para celebrar que los dias soleados y calurosos esta aquí otra vez. Cada invierno se me hace eterno, verdad que no soy la única? :)
Así que después de revolver la caja donde tengo mis preciadas piezas de Lego hice estos pendientes veraniegos que consisten en una hoja de palmera con una flor azul y un punto verde o naranja (a elección).
Ya sabes que, como todos los accesorios hechos a mano que posteo en el blog, están a la venta y listos para ser despachados si quieres hacerlos tuyos.
Escribeme si tienes alguna pregunta, y recuerda que esta es una edición limitada y hay disponibles pocos pares ;)

Gracias por visitar Mikachu Fields Forever!

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

Nature of Baden-Baden

I told you a few weeks ago already that I´d be uploading some pictures of that little place called "Baden-Baden". It´s really shocking, in a good way, how impresive and beautiful nature can be. Maybe it´s the fact that there are no such landscapes where I live right now... or maybe it just reminds me to my childhood in Argentina. I never get bored of it: in winter is almost always covered by a layer of white snow, where you can stand in the middle of the night with eyes closed, while listening to the silence. And in spring it seems like waking up from a long sleep... the flowers bloom and the trees fill the place with graceful green.

The architecture of the place is beautiful too, sophisticated and traditional at the same time. Weird enough, all the pictures I made of the city centre were taken with the analogic camera, so I have to wait a bit to have them in my hands. I´ll upload some as soon as I digitalise them.

Hope you like them!!