sábado, 11 de junio de 2011

Frame, not confetti!

Hello friends!

I´m taking a sort of "handcrafting holiday" this weekend, since I´ve been working like crazy the last two weeks. Luckily enough (or not) I still have to learn quite a lot of german, ´cos my final exam is next week and I´m sort of... nervös. The weather is not stable yet, so it´s helping me focussing on the things I REALLY have to do, which means: no beach for me this weekend!.

I haven´t posted anything "deco" lately, so here I show you what I´ve done a few weeks ago. My parents love making framed landscapes, and I kinda felt curious, and inspired for a moment, so I made this with rests of fabric and felt. Someone told me that I should make confetti with those little pieces of felt, but even when I find the idea super nice, have to admit it would be a lot of work! ;)

If you have any question about the frame: price, shipping, sizes... write me! :)

See you soon!

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