viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

where ´s the apple?

Yesterday I stayed browsing blogs untill late (VERY late) but that´s not a surprise. Everytime I start doing it I cannot stop: one cool blog directs you to another one that is way too cute to stop looking. Between all the amazing things I found I discovered the "apple cozy". "WHAT IS THAT FOR?, DO APPLES GET COLDS OR WHAT?", asked myself. Well, obviously no, but how many times I threw my apple inside my bag before work and found it full of bruises afterwards?


Found a pattern online and went for it... it took me a bit, but finally came with a decent result. At least for a first try is not THAT bad... :P

what do you think of the "apple cozy"?
do you know any other way of keeping your apples safe from evil keys/books/phone inside your bag?

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