miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

Nature of Baden-Baden

I told you a few weeks ago already that I´d be uploading some pictures of that little place called "Baden-Baden". It´s really shocking, in a good way, how impresive and beautiful nature can be. Maybe it´s the fact that there are no such landscapes where I live right now... or maybe it just reminds me to my childhood in Argentina. I never get bored of it: in winter is almost always covered by a layer of white snow, where you can stand in the middle of the night with eyes closed, while listening to the silence. And in spring it seems like waking up from a long sleep... the flowers bloom and the trees fill the place with graceful green.

The architecture of the place is beautiful too, sophisticated and traditional at the same time. Weird enough, all the pictures I made of the city centre were taken with the analogic camera, so I have to wait a bit to have them in my hands. I´ll upload some as soon as I digitalise them.

Hope you like them!!

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